aboutSince its inception in 1999, Henry Hall Designs has continued to create an exciting new place in outdoor furniture, resulting in timeless, innovative products with a constant focus on how people want to relax and socialize.

Based in San Francisco, California, the company specializes in fine outdoor furniture shaped by international appeal and offers a refreshing diversity in styles, eras, and materials.

In the late 1980s, while traveling many regions of the world, company founder Henry Andrew Hall developed newfound insight into the world of furniture design and production. Drawing upon family influences in art, architecture, and business, he created a unique opportunity to collaborate on what would be his first outdoor furniture collection.

From these early audiences of family and friends, appeal has now grown to inter-national recognition from top design professionals and publications.

In 1996, Hall applied his family's namesake to the company brand name and widely expanded the product scope. Today, the company encompasses the talents of numerous award-winning international designers making up over nine different furniture collections.

With every new collection, Henry Hall Designs inspires and indulges the luxury of enjoying one's own environment. The collections offered are a testament to the discriminating taste of partners and clients.

We hope that you, too, will share Henry Hall's vision of quality and enduring beauty.

Products are available through leading designer representatives nationwide. Please see the representatives page for details of stockists.

Member of the Foundation for Design Integrity since June 2006


Ted Boemer


Boerner began his own design firm, Ted Boerner Inc, in 1988 and over the years his custom interior furnishings have garnered great respect from clients and designers around the world. His furniture is available nationwide through Ted Boerner and representatives. His Mariposa collection for Henry Hall began when Hall approached him with an idea: to translate Boerner's elegant Nest Sofa for outdoor use. A nine piece collection grew from the idea, with additional pieces in the works. Boerner is based in San Franscisco.

Henry Hall


Henry Hall started his career in furniture in 1989. He has designed parts of the Tru Pure and Mariposa collections, and has also collaborated with other designers. Always at the edge of the design, Henry Hall has become a premium name in indoor and outdoor furniture.

Karim Rasheed


A leading figure product and interior design, furniture, lighting, and art, working with an impressive array of clients over the years including Alessi, Umbra, Prada, Issey Miyake, and Method, Karim has infused consumer culture with his signature Sensual Minimalism. A perennial winner of the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award, I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review and Red Dot Award, Karim was also honored early in his career with the prestigious Daimler Chrysler Design Award, and the Brooklyn Museum Young Designer of the Year Award. Recently he received the International Furnishings and Design Association Circle of Excellence Award for Industrial Design and Pratt Legend Award.

John Reeves


Noted English designer John Reeves, winner of the Elle Decoration Future Classic Award, is a designer whose passion lies in working locally and regionally on an interactive level where design is not just communicated but felt. In doing so, John Reeves has honed a particular skill base; travelling, living and adapting to the various cultures and peoples he meets when working with the craftspeople of our planet. These travels not only establish a better understanding of global resources and the relevance a design can have to our global environment. The Flow collection is a perfect example of this philosophy. With its graceful lines reminiscent of smooth river stones, this line is ideal for indoors or out.